Gabriel Warshafsky

Recent work

FEAST of the SENSES: Opening night.

The final piece of the inaugural Hong Kong Summer School by STORE and Woodrite: Two diaphanous canopies shade an assemblage of richly textured concrete furniture prototypes, a strange sensory landscape for visitors to explore. We were hugely proud to see our students present their work with confidence to the Arts Promotion Office and even local councillors. See you next year!

FEAST of the SENSES: Under construction.

The inaugural Hong Kong Summer School by STORE in collaboration with Woodrite. Students stitch a soft, billowing canopy to provide a sun shade for an exposed roof terrace at a Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions training facility in Kwai Chung, and cast ornamental concrete planters.


Jan Kattein Architects 

Jan Kattein Architects’ stunning winning entry for the Peabody Trust small projects panel competition.

"Life in the city is about carefully mediating between public space and private space, individual interests and the common good. Our proposal for Morpeth Road encourages a lively and bustling street scene that makes a positive contribution to the city. The terraced typology generates a well-overlooked street, but it also gives each unit a high degree of privacy. With courtyard gates, doors and windows lining the pavement we hope that children playing, neighbours talking across the garden wall and the comings and goings of local residents will help to generate a cohesive community in Morpeth Road. Cities are fluctuant entities. People’s needs and lifestyles change. The houses are designed with flexibility in mind. The living space accommodates various use patterns. The kitchen and dining room can easily be partitioned and the private courtyard garden provides opportunities for customisation and adaptation."

Illustrations by Anna Mill :-)

THE SHUTTERS is our cinema and lecture space at STORE, which opened back in October. We made the director’s chair-style seating out of calico stretched across timber frames, which are in turn threaded onto a reclaimed scaffold frame. The material flexes and stretches across the row as more guests arrive, which we feel lends an unexpected intimacy to this former loading bay.

Find us at 32-33 Alfred Place, and keep an eye out on our Facebook page for upcoming events and screenings, including this Friday’s launch event.



This year I will be one of the tutors teaching on the Store Italy Summer School. Store is an association of artists, architects, writers and filmmakers based in London and operating world-wide. Founded in 2011, Store organises and curates events and exhibitions, design and builds projects, and runs educational programs. 

Over the course of Summer 2014, Store will be hosting a series of two-week intensive art and design courses in 5 unique locations across the world. 

Store operates a unique workshop, education and gallery space in the heart of central london and for the first time this year is expanding it’s education programme to include residential courses in France and Italy. Taking place in carefully selected educational facilities, these courses offer potential students the same high level of creative education offered by Store in London, but set within the idyllic country-side of Tuscanny and The Loir Valley. 

The Store Summer Courses are ideal for students embarking on higher education or for those already in institutions who wish to broaden their horizons alongside motivated and energetic individuals. 

These courses are a place for students of all subjects and backgrounds to participate in the creative industries of the future. The pace of technological, social and economic change in the coming years pose huge challenges for creative practitioners of all kinds. To realise the potential opportunities, they will need to collaborate, to work between discliplines, to act independently and act unconventionally, taking advantage of new ideas and technology to create and disseminate their work. Participants in Store School will spend a two week period engaged in a live project in one of series of locations around the world, helping to design, fabricate, and install new work as part of a team of experienced teachers and craftsmen

Drawing on the experience of the courses run over four previous years, Store School will give participating students the opportunity to develop an independent and ambitious vision for their own future practice. Working alongside leading young practitioners in fine art, architecture, film-making, sculpture in a non-hierarchical and collaborative environment equips participants to take their own work further, to meet and build networks across Europe and beyond, and to expand their own opportunities to create and develop in the future. 

Above is last year’s Warsaw Summer School where some very talented students collectively designed and built a structure for a banquet of architecture.